Welcome to the Australian Pole Championships registration page.
APC is now taking registrations for 2018 from all states and regions. Registration for all states closes on 16th March 2018.

Before starting your registration please:
>read and agree to the APC Rules & Regulations and the Assumption of Risk.
>ensure you have paid your registration fee PRIOR to registration.
> know which state/regional heats you are competing in.
> know which division you are entering (see below). Groups need only complete one application per group. However, we require the individual names of each person to be entered into this form and that they read and agree to the APC Rules & Regulations and the Assumption of Risk.
> have your pole photo of yourself or your group ready to upload.*
> have your unlisted YouTube link to your video entry.**

*Your pole photo must be a photo of yourself on a pole and must not contain a logo.
**Videos must be between 2-3 minutes long for all divisions. All videos must be of a single routine and not different clips added together. Video entries do not have to be the routine you perform on the night.  Videos will be judged according to the criteria set out in the APC Rules & Regulations.

Please check the National Competition Eligibility Standards for which division you should enter: http://www.auspoledancersmag.com.au/competition-eligibility/
> If you have previously placed in an APC state heat or competed in the APC national finals, you are no longer eligible for the amateur division

Female only.
The winner of Professional Division will gain automatic video entry into
the International Pole Championships (IPC) Semi Finals.
Female only.
Professional or Amateur, male or female and between 2-4 people. Please note due to scaffold weight restrictions, no more than 3 people are to be on the poles at all times. E.g. you can have 3 people on one pole, 2 people one pole and 1 on another, or 1 person on each pole, but never more than 3 people on both poles at one time. More than 3 people on the poles at the same time will result in instant disqualification.
Male only.
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Successful applicants will be announced in due course.